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IBE projects aim to promote discussion around standards of business behaviour and share practical guidance with organisations wishing to advance the effectiveness of their ethics policies and programmes 

The IBE carries out research and surveys into business ethics issues and the ways that organisations and their employees can effectively embed ethical values into their practice and decision making.

Forthcoming publications


Ethics at Work Survey, 2018

The Ethics at Work Survey, first introduced in 2005, asks employees how they experience ethical dilemmas in their day-to-day working lives. It looks at whether they have witnessed misconduct, whether they have reported it, and what stops them. It provides real insight into what supports employees in doing the right thing. In 2018 for the first time it was extended to cover 12 countries around the world: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.
Ten reports are planned: Europe; Switzerland; Singapore; Canada; New Zealand, Australia and UK; Italy; Portugal; New Zealand; Australia; and Germany.
Author: Guendalina Donde

Core Series – Ethical Management

This publication aims to provide an increased perspective on current conversation about ethical management. By offering insights and detailing experiences that are relevant to all sizes of organisation it represents an opportunity to move the debate forward. It will expand on, enrich and offer additional perspectives to tone from the top, mood in the middle and voice at the bottom conversations.
By drawing on a series of in-depth semi-structured interviews with managers, senior leaders and junior staff, the publication will emphasise the complex nature of managing ethically, looking at the risks that surround people managers which threaten their ability to perform in their roles (e.g. are they trained to receive concerns when people speak up, what upward/downward pressures are they exposed to which impact on their performance?).
Author: Rozlyn Spinks

Annual Business Ethics Survey: Public Perceptions Of Business Behaviour

The survey has been conducted annually for the IBE by Ipsos MORI since 2003 as part of their national Omnibus survey of a cross section of the UK public. It has tracked which business ethics issues are of most concern and whether the public believe ethical conduct by business is improving.

Latest Publications

Culture Indicators: understanding corporate culture

A Board Briefing to help directors assess their corporate culture

Encouraging a Speak Up Culture

Practical advice on developing and embedding Speak Up in your organisation

Business Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

This Briefing includes the IBE's framework of values and principles for AI in business

Setting the Tone: a New Zealand perspective on ethical leadership

Exploring the importance of ethical leadership with interviews with NZ business leaders

The Ethics and Compliance Handbook

Exploring the different roles of ethics and compliance practitioners in promoting ethical conduct

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