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The IBE’s mission is to promote high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values. We can share a wealth of practical experience in embedding business ethics and can offer guidance to organisations on a range of issues.

As a registered educational charity, we play the role of advisor and critical friend to organisations.

The IBE recognises that each organisation is different and has its own approach to ethics.

We are available to offer support on any aspect of your programme. Whether it’s just a brief phone call for advice, or more extensive formal support on the assessment, development, implementation and embedding of your ethics programme, our experienced team is always happy to help. 
Commitment to ethical standards at Board level is critical for any organisation if values are to become embedded. Senior leadership tone and example sets the expectations amongst employees for behavioural standards.

By working with organisations, we also ensure that our research and working knowledge are based on the most current thinking and, as such, we are able to recognise and share good practice. 

Engaging staff and embedding ethical behaviour can be difficult. Whatever your approach to ethics, it is important to identify the most effective initiatives to embed ethics in decision making and mitigate the risks your organisation may face. 

If you would like to explore how the IBE might help with any aspect of an existing or future ethics programme, please contact us.


The IBE can help you identify the specific areas where you need support. The diagram above outlines an ethics programme and we can work with you to build an appropriate, tailored approach to meet your business needs.

We can help with the following:

Ethics Programmes
Assistance in drafting new codes of ethics for a global corporation or an SME; critical review, benchmarking and feedback of existing code of ethics.

Benchmarking and survey work
We can benchmark your code against industry peers or other global companies relevant to your organisation/industry. 

Policy issues
Advice on ethics policies such as ethics in decision-making, tax planning, gifts and hospitality, anti-bribery and corruption.

Bespoke board, manager and end-user level training for use in-house; assistance with developing dilemmas; advising on e-learning programmes; communication and videos and other methods of employee engagement. 

What companies say

'The IBE provided valuable input during the development of our compliance programme. Their creative assistance with the communications and training materials meant that these were fun, entertaining and to the point. Their feedback on our code of conduct included relevant benchmark data to ensure we were consistent with the best practice in our sector. Most importantly, as a trusted adviser in addressing compliance issues, I have found that the IBE brings discretion, wisdom and sensible practical advice.'

Director of Compliance, Global Luxury Hospitality Group

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