A Brief History

The Institute of Business Ethics was founded in 1986 by business people for business people.

They shared a concern that, following the deregulation of the City of London, ‘one’s word would no longer be one’s bond’. The Big Bang radically changed the way the London Stock Exchange operated, doing away with much of what was seen by critics as ‘the old boys’ network’ and internationalising London’s financial markets.
Originally, the IBE operated as a fund within the Christian Association of Business Executives (CABE), a registered charity established in 1938 to promote the study and application of Christian moral principles in the conduct of business, but in 2000, the Institute obtained separate charitable status "to advance public education in business ethics and related subjects with particular reference to the study and application of ethical standards in the management and conduct of industry and business”.
Since 1986 IBE has published more than 50 practical books on applied business ethics topics; conducted surveys on the use of codes of ethics within companies; developed training programmes in business ethics, from induction programmes to the boardroom; worked with academics and business schools to promote the study of business ethics within MBA and business studies courses; and offered advice and support to business ethics practitioners and their companies.
The IBE holds events under the Chatham House Rule so that ethical issues which organisations commonly face may be discussed, and this has helped drive the work programme of the Institute.
In 2011, the IBE celebrated its 25th anniversary and commissioned 25 thought leaders from business, academia, politics and the ethics arena for their views on what the next 25 years have in store for business, and business ethics. Read 25 on 25.
2016 marked the IBE's 30th anniversary. To celebrate, supporters were invited to help showcase good practice with 30 days of ethics. These highlight a different aspect of values-led business practice, and exemplify the IBE message – that doing business ethically makes for better business. The 30 days of ethics can be found in the section Showcasing Good Practice.

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A Brief History of the IBE

The IBE was founded in 1986 by business people for business people

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