30 Days of Business Ethics

Our 30th anniversary celebrations culminate with Ethics Month – 30 days of business ethics.

Every day in November we will highlight a different aspect of values-led business practice. Our aim is to spread the IBE message – that doing business ethically makes for better business – over 30 days during the month.

Each day – with the help of our subscribers – we’ll explore a different ethical value, and what doing business ethically means in practice.

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30 Days of Business Ethics

DAY 30: Culture - Institute of Business Ethics

What does culture mean to you? The IBE wraps up Ethics Month by exploring culture.

DAY 29: Respect - Centrica plc

Centrica is a 21st century energy and services company and our purpose is to satisfy the changing needs of our customers. To fulfil this ambition, we must continue to evolve how we do business and build stronger relationships with our customers, people and communities based on respect.

DAY 28: Stewardship - Barclays

At Barclays, we have a clear purpose: to help people achieve their ambitions - in the right way. Our values are an important part of helping us to deliver this; they guide us in our business decisions, in how we serve our clients and customers, and in how we support our communities.

DAY 27: Independence - Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC)

The independence of regulatory bodies and inspectorates has been established – and must always be protected – for sound reasons.

DAY 26: Unity - Rise Management Consulting

What does unity mean to you? Rise Management adopts Day 26 of Ethics Month by exploring what unity means in its business.

DAY 25: Training - Royal Dutch Shell plc

What does training mean to you? Shell adopts Day 25 of Ethics Month by exploring how training gives business ethics means in its business. 

DAY 24: Being Connected - HSBC Bank plc

We decided to launch a values campaign with a difference: led entirely by employees themselves and enabling them to talk about their own personal values.

DAY 23: Accountability - Rio Tinto Group

Our role is to help guide those decisions and help them make the right choice.

DAY 22: Good Decisions - Aviva plc

Our business ethics code, that all employees have to sign up to every year, outlines our commitment to acting responsibly. Beyond that we believe that to grow our business we need a culture that helps everyone to step up and take personal responsibility for translating our values into our everyday decisions. 

DAY 21: Responsible Business - Lloyds Banking Group

What does responsible business mean to you? Lloyds Banking Group adopts Day 21 of Ethics Month by exploring what responsible business means in its business.

DAY 20: Avoiding Corruption - Transparency International UK and IBE

What does anti-corruption mean to you? The IBE teams up with Transparency International to adopt Day 22 of Ethics Month by exploring how fighting corruption can be an ethical issue.

DAY 19: Open to Change - De La Rue

What does being open to change mean to you? De La Rue adopts Day 19 of Ethics Month by exploring how being open to change is part of its business ethics.

DAY 18: People - Northrop Grumman Corporation

What do people mean to you? Northrop Grumman adopts Day 18 of Ethics Month by exploring how people are important to their business ethics.

DAY 17: Care - Serco Group plc

Care is integral to the delivery of public services which is the core of Serco’s business offering. That is why Care is embedded as one of our four core values that sit at the heart of the organisation.

DAY 16: Speak Up - Public Concern At Work

What does speak up mean to you? Public Concern at Work adopts Day 16 of Ethics Month by exploring  why speak up is an important element of an ethical business.

DAY 15: Human Rights - Total S.A.

What does human rights mean to you? Total adopts Day 15 of Ethics Month by exploring why human rights are important to its business.

DAY 14: Leadership - Marks and Spencer plc

What’s the future of ethical leadership?

DAY 13: Doing the Right Thing - NatWest

We all have a duty to do the right thing – NatWest adopts Day 13 of 30 days of Ethics

DAY 12: Teamwork - Carillion plc

At Carillion, our values are at the heart of everything we do. Ask anyone of our people about what is important to our business and I guarantee that our values will be high on that list.

DAY 11: Safety - BP

BP is very pleased to be a participant in celebrating IBE's 30th anniversary and commends the creativity of having companies adopt a value for each day of November 2016. BP has adopted the value of safety.

DAY 10: Mutual Benefit - British American Tobacco

The principle of Mutual Benefit forms the basis of BAT’s long-standing approach to sustainability. For us, it’s about creating shared value and making sure that what we do as a business doesn’t just benefit our shareholders, but also has a positive impact for stakeholders across our value chain.

DAY 9: Courage - L'Oréal

What does courage mean to you? L'Oréal adopts Day 9 of Ethics Month by exploring what transparency means and why courage is an important ethical value for its business. 

DAY 8: Openness - Bank of England

As the central bank of the United Kingdom, the Bank of England recognises that openness is a key institutional value.

DAY 7: Pride - Diageo plc

Diageo is a global leader in beverage alcohol with an outstanding collection of brands, but many of those brands started life as the dreams of individuals, some created hundreds of years ago.

DAY 6: Passion - ASB NZ

The opportunity to reflect on the values of my organisation, ASB Bank, for the 30 days of Ethics couldn’t have come at a better time. Over the past week we have talked to over 1200 of our most senior people about the importance of values to our business.

DAY 5: Corporate Governance - ICSA: The Governance Institute

Corporate governance and ethics are sometimes viewed as the enemies of commerciality, the beta blockers that put the brakes on entrepreneurship. However, making sure that your business remains on the right side of the law, treats people fairly and is engaged in good practice is not something to be dismissed so lightly.

DAY 4: Fairness - SSE

What does fairness mean to you? SSE adopts Day 4 of Ethics Month by exploring what fairness means in its business.

DAY 3: Trust - BAE Systems plc

What does trust mean to you? BAE Systems adopts Day 3 of Ethics Month and explores what trust means in its business.  

DAY 2: Transparency - GSK

Over the past decade Richard Walters has seen first-hand how GSK has challenged the traditional model of its industry - with transparency as a guiding value.

DAY 1: Integrity - Institute of Business Ethics

What does integrity mean to you? The IBE kicks off Ethics Month by exploring one of our own corporate values - integrity.

30 Days Of Ethics

The culmination of the 30th Anniversary celebrations is Ethics Month - 30 days of celebrating ethical values and making them real in the workplace.

Each day throughout November will be given over to a different ethical value.


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