Say No Toolkit

From responding to a demand for a facilitation payment to offering a business colleague a gift - do your employees know what to do? 

  • Do you need an immediate and effective way of answering employee questions about what action to take?
  • Do you operate in countries with a reputation for bribery or facilitation payments?
The IBE Say No Toolkit can help.

What is the IBE Say No Toolkit?

The Say No Toolkit is a decision-making tool that can be used either as an App or as a website.

It provides employees with immediate practical help in making the right decision across a variety of situations involving risk areas, such as when to accept a gift, when not to offer hospitality, what to say to avoid a facilitation payment and what to do if faced with a conflict of interest.

Using the Say No Toolkit

Organisations can use the both the IBE Say No Toolkit App and website for free. The App can be download on to any smartphone/tablet. 
You can start using it for free now. Simply go to www.saynotoolkit.net
The Say No Toolkit can be customised and branded to suit your organisations needs and detailed procedures.

To find out more about the Say No Toolkit and how to customise it for your organisation go to www.saynotoolkit.net


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IBE Say No Toolkit

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