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IBE projects aim to promote discussion around standards of business behaviour and share practical guidance with organisations wishing to advance the effectiveness of their ethics policies and programmes. 

The IBE carries out research and surveys into business ethics issues and the ways that organisations and their employees can effectively embed ethical values into their practice and decision making.

Forthcoming publications


Stakeholder Engagement: values, business culture and society

The Financial Reporting Council launched a market-led initiative to gather insight into corporate culture and the role of boards; to understand how boards can shape, embed and assess culture; and to identify and promote good practice. It has formed a 'Culture Coalition' and asked the IBE to lead a workstream covering stakeholder issues – relationships between culture and business models, with shareholders, customers and suppliers, and the impact on the wider community and environment. 
This report collates the IBE's research and  complements other workstream outputs covering people, measuring and assurance and the role of the board and will form part of the FRC's Report of Observations, to be published in July.
Author: Peter Montagnon


Corporate Ethics Policies and Programmes: 2016 UK and Continental European Survey

How do companies use and implement their code of ethics and their ethics programme?
In contrast to when the IBE first conducted this survey back in 1995, more of the UK FTSE 350 to encourage high ethical standards in business practice through a code of ethics or similar document. The challenge that remains is how to support employees in everyday operations and decisions to live up to the values espoused in the code. The aim of this IBE survey is to identify and share good practice. 
What are the elements of a typical corporate ethics programme and what more are companies doing to support the embedding of their values to strengthen their ethical culture? 
This report will reveal  the findings of the 2016  IBE triennial survey sent to FTSE 350 companies and listed companies in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
View the last survey
Author: Daniel Johnson 

IBE Core Series: Developing an Effective Code of Business Ethics including the IBE Illustrative Code of Business Ethics

The new edition  of this established IBE – core publication offers full and up to date guidance on how to develop and implement a Code of Ethics.  Aimed primarily at those organisations without a Code of Ethics and just starting out, it offers the tools to present a business case for a Code, identifies good corporate practice and explains the steps needed to produce and maintain an effective code of business ethics as part of an ethics programme.  It also encompasses an updated IBE Illustrative Code of Business Ethics, which provides sample clauses and a checklist of issues to assist businesses and other organisations with the development of their code of ethics.

Author: Simon Webley

Annual Business Ethics Survey: Public Perceptions Of Business Behaviour

The survey has been conducted annually for the IBE by Ipsos MORI since 2003 as part of their national Omnibus survey of a cross section of the UK public. It has tracked which business ethics issues are of most concern and whether the public believe ethical conduct by business is improving.
In 2014, the findings are available as an infographic
For a summary of the 2013 results, please see Attitudes of the British Public to Business Ethics

Latest Publications

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Communicating Ethical Values Internally

Practical advice on communicating messages about ethical values

IBE 2015 Ethics at Work Survey

IBE's survey of employees in Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain

Business Ethics and Human Rights: 2015 update

Practical tools to help businesses honour thei rhuman rights commitments

Practical guidance on how performance management processes can encourage an ethical culture

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